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Radiation shielding

Excellent protection for medical applications

Precision engineering

Supplying precision engineered components

If you need precision engineered tooling, then Tungsten Alloys can help. With a wealth of experience in a broad range of sectors, we have the skills, understanding and equipment to provide you with precisely what you need. If you’d like to discuss your requirements, please contact our Hitchin office today. We’ll be happy to help.

MRI machine

Medical equipment

Collimators, end stops, and directional shields

  • High density up to 18.5g per cubic centimetre

  • Up to 65% denser than lead

  • Up to 130% denser than steel

  • High radiation absorption


Cancer therapy equipment components

  • Large single pieces

  • Easily machined - hardness nominally HRC 30

  • Alternative to depleted uranium and lead

  • Non-toxic

  • Camera shutters, single piece and leaf collimators

Associated equipment

Syringe shields, vial shields, pots, lids, and shutters

  • Increased personnel protection

  • Less susceptible to damage

  • Stable dimensions

  • Alternative to depleted uranium and lead

  • Non-toxic


Shielding doors, transport and storage pots

  • Easily assembled or joined

  • Smaller assemblies for the same protection as lead

  • Good mechanical properties.

  • Alternative to depleted uranium and lead

  • Non-toxic

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MRI machine with blue shielding.jpg

Comparative absorption data

Source: Cobalt 60

Material: TAM 1000

Half value thickness (mm): 7.5

Material: TAM 3950

Half value thickness (mm): 7.0

Material: Lead

Half value thickness (mm): 11.7

For more information about the material properties of the alloys we most commonly supply, please check the material data document.

Get in touch

Tungsten Alloys in Hitchin supply a wide range of components for medical radiation shielding applications. Contact our office to learn more.

01296 664245

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