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Performance automotive

Exceptional engineering for automotive applications

Precision engineering

Blanks or finished machined to drawing

At Tungsten Alloys, we work with performance automotive companies across the UK, providing top quality components engineered to perfectly meet the requirements of our clients. All products are engineered from the high-quality alloys that we’re known for. To learn more about what we can offer, why not get in touch today? We’ll be happy to listen to your requirements and discuss how we can meet them.


We have a reputation for reliability, precision, and excellent service. We invite you to find out why.

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Ballast plates

Perfect weight distribution is essential for great handling in automotive engineering, and we provide precision engineered ballast plates to make this possible. We offer:

  • High weight and low volume alloys

  • Large surface area plates if required.

  • Densities up to 18.5g per cubic centimetre

Crank shaft weights

The right crank shaft weight can keeper your engine running more smoothly and for longer. We can engineer crank shaft weights in top quality alloys. Choose Tungsten Alloys for:

  • Bar for encased applications (all sizes)

  • High strength blocks for "bolt-on" dynamic environments

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We can engineer performance automotive skids suitable for any vehicle. Our skids are:

  • High weight and low volume.

  • Wear-resistant and tough

We have a range of alloys available that are ideal for performance automotive applications.

Get in touch

If you’re looking for performance automotive components in quality alloys, contact Hitchin-based Tungsten Alloys today.

01296 664245

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